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Ki Gompa

Tabo Monastery, one of the Dalai Lama’s Favorite Gompas

Tabo Gompa, interior

ENTERING Kuzum Pass from Manali to Spiti

Yak Touring

Homestay Spiti has homestays in 6 villages: Langza, Komic, Demul, Lhalung, Dhankhar and Mikkim. Set along its highlands at an average altitude of 4000 meters (the notable exception being Mikkim in Pin valley), most of these villages fall within the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary (except Mikkim that lies within the Pin valley National Park) and are home to rare and endangered species of wildlife and flora.

Trekking: a spiritual journey

The Bhuchens are a unique and rare sect of Tibetan Buddhist theatrical artists that preach religious, social and ecological morals to the locals through a set of diverse performances. Followers of Tholdan Gyalpo, who invented this art in the early 11th century A.D, they are now only found in the Spiti valley after disappearing from Tibet and Ladakh.

The Trans-Himalayan backcountry is one of the most stunning, graphic, and rugged regions on the globe. A well preserved Buddhist heritage, unique high altitude ecosystem, and an isolation that transcends the barriers of time leaves one spell bound by the magic of what is called ‘the Spiti experience’. Spiti trekking is a blend of geo- climatic and socio-cultural /spiritual heritage along with soft adventure.

Trekking Spiti, we will spend less time in getting to and away from the Spiti valley via Manali. In Spiti, we will experience meditative silence and Holotropic Breathwork at sacred sites, traditional homestays, stays at Gompa dharmasalas, trekking [and perhaps mountain biking] stunning and rugged back country trails, and local traditional Tibetan-Spitian culture. We may experience Yak safaris and short day hikes in Snow Leopard & Himalayan Wolf habitats. We will savor the local culture and cuisine in the homestays and gompas; we will spend quiet-time in the Gompas and at the stupas in meditation and contemplation. And after acclimatization, we will access non-ordinary states through Holotropic Breathwork. There will be time for meditative quiet-time [sadhana] at the sandhis [sunrise, noon, sunset and midnite]. Meals will be the local cuisine [if you have dietary restrictions you will need to ensure your own diet].

Group Leader: James Eyerman, MD – Jim was certified in Holotropic Breathwork [HB] in 1988. He has personally facilitated over 15 thousand individuals in HB. He has led Holotropic Trips to Peru and India and Nepal over the past 25 years. He conducts HB weekly in Mill Valley, CA on Sunday evenings.

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