Soul of Saint Louis, Themis, and the Cardinals

Looks like the only time given for St. Louis’s legal birth is noon. So it is best to do the Moon as the ascendant, or a Chandra chart…. Moon is with Neptune and Saturn in Scorpio, which is owned by Pluto in Aquarius in the 4th house of Home/Mother/Heart; and Mars is in Sagittarius in the 2nd house of early childhood environment/nurturance/speech.Saturn owns the 3rd house of writing/ short trips/siblings, and the 4th of Home/Mother/Heart. Neptune is closely conjunct Saturn and within orb of the moon. It owns the auspicious 5th Piscean house of Sports/higher education/spiritual practice, which is also co-owned by Jupiter [Guru] in its own house [the 5th]. Jupiter trines the Moon, and therefore it also trines Neptune [drugs/medicine/psychiatry] and Saturn [science/ conservative business]. This is a strong raj yoga or tendency to “go to the head of the class” in terms of spirituality/education/sports as well as chemistry/medicine/psychiatry/corporate life during Jupiter periods [vimshottari  lunar periods]…of which we are not sure due to the use of noon as the time for the rising sign. It would be possible to correct the birth time by use of 5 major events, but that would take a lot of time! Venus is in Virgo, house of friends, and groups….St. Louisans love their friends [many have family connections with each other and treat them as close friends and family upon first acquaintance—sort of Southern], even while being fairly fussy about their friends [somewhat Bostonian]. It is also tightly aligned with Jupiter…meaning lots of dear educated Virgo-esque friends who like sports and spirituality and drinking [Pisces/Jupiter –Falstaffian--/ Neptune.] There is a stellium (a collection of planets) in the 12th house, as well as in the Lunar Ascendant. This indicates a hidden [unconscious/hospitalized/incarcerated] side of famous artists/law makers [Sun in Libra] in “sex, drugs and rock and roll” [Rahu—North Node], innovation [Uranus], and communication [Mercury]….perhaps both African American and Bohemian/innovative artists. This stellium is trined by Pluto in Aquarius which gives a further underground and Dionysian death/rebirth quality to the culture. The South Node is in the 6th house of healing, which is a double indication of intuitive breakthroughs. Venus is in healing Virgo, just past the midheaven but hugely amplified by Jupiter, tripling the indicators of a very successful center of healing. Venus/Jupiter alignment also indicates the powerful beneficence of Themis in the friends and groups in the St. Louis community. The Cards [sports] are also represented by this powerful/auspiciously placed Jupiter aligned with the Venus friends/public as well. That’s all for now.