The Legend of Shri Narendra Desai

The Legend of Shri Narendra Desai for those who do not know of him. It is still said in the US that the greatest astrologer from India to ever set foot in the US was the GreatNarendra Desai who died in the late 90s if I remember well. Desai was known to be a live Akashic Records if he choosed to be. He used to correctly predict the time of birth by the print of the Thumb -- R.G.Rao has written about this method. Desai could see the past birth of humans -- maybe through some siddhi. But the most fascinating thing about Desai was Sages used to speak with him & when this would happen it is said that his voice would change and the Sanskrit he would utter would be of very different style. Desai was known to have learnt astrology from rare disciples of this science and one of them was Patel, though I know that Patel didn't teach him everything and only Chandra Kala Nadi as Patel had mastery over it. That's the background of Desai but the relevance of him to our discussion is that Desai had seen in a Madras Museum, Vasistha Nadi and it was clearly mentioned in the Nadi that the Outer Planets would be discovered in KaliYuga and their exact usage would be discovered then. Desai's comment to his students was "do not concern urself with what others say about the Outer Planets they work & the SAGES know about it". "He said use the outer planets and then tell me if it doesn't work, watch that Uranus in ur chart its important." Sage Vasistha was the Guru of Guru of Parasara.