La Vie en Rose

"Edith Piaf is the subject of La Vie en Rose, director Olivier Dahan's powerful, emotional biographical film about the iconic French superstar whose life, as depicted here, seems to have been a succession of tragedies interrupted on by artistic triumphs. Dahan's portrait begins with Piaf's stay in a brothel as a young girl. Left to the care of her grandmother (who runs the place) after her father pulls her away from a narcissistic mother, Piaf grows up to sing on the street in lieu of outright prostitution. The film pulses along with biopic rhythms, with truimphant pivotal moments in the life of Piaf (played as an adult by Marion Cotillard, who won seven best actress awards, including the second Academy Award for a non-English speaking role) turning up regularly only to be smacked aside by the unseen hand of perpetual misfortune. There's the impresario (Gerard Depardieu) who recognizes Piaf's great but raw talent only to have a run-in with the criminal element around her. There's the heavyweight fighter (Marcel Cerdan) who becomes the love of Piaf's life but can't be with her. Drug addiction, random car accidents, tax problems, you name it, it's all here, topped by an unnerving revelation that pops up in La Vie en Rose's final moments. Marion Cotillard is astonishing. La Vie en Rose is the third most successful French film in the United States, it is one of my most favorite films of all time."~ Jimmy Eyerman

Film and discussion 6:30 PM, Saturday November 12th, Analytical Psychology Club Library,
2411 Octavia St., #1, San Francisco, CA 94109