Sunday Evening Holotropic Breathwork Mill Valley

EVERY SUNDAY EVENING Holotropic Breathwork  5 PM till 9 PM
MILL VALLEY, CA 10 Willow St. #1
[There is a 2nd entrance to the parking lot at 333 Miller Ave, park at the far end, by the Corte Madera Creek] 

Activates “The psyche of the individual whose wisdom is tended and brought to flower.”
~ Jack Kornfield, 

Through enhanced breathing, powerful evocative music, focused bodywork, and a safe, supportive environment, we are able to bring into consciousness healing and transformative inner experiences. During a Holotropic Breathwork Session we may have sensory-body felt experiences of great release, revisit, and complete unresolved emotional issues from our youth, including the circumstances surrounding our birth. We may also experience connections with the collective unconscious and the wisdom contained within. These experiences give participants access to a realm of rich inner experiences, which catalyze growth and change in our personal journeys. Mandala drawing and simple sharing of experiences complete the process. 

Contraindications for this workshop: Severe Cardiovascular/Skeletal/ or Psychiatric disorders, Pregnancy

Facilitated by JAMES EYERMAN, MD
CONFIRM REGISTRATION: JIMEYE108@GMAIL.COM Jimmy’s cell phone: 415 686 9255

Please bring!
  1. Yourself in loose clothing, and in a well rested condition, not having eaten for hours. 
  2. A palette to lie upon with blankets or sleeping bag and a pillow. 
  3. Your favorite water bottle or drinks, any special snack foods you might want for afterwards during the sharing period. 
  4. An Open Mind and an Open Heart. 
  5. WORKSHOP FEE $50—cash please.  
Please let me know if you have any special needs.