Taught by
James Eyerman MD
415 686 9255 jameseyerman.com jimeye108@gmail.com

Lesson #1- Introduction, Overview of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology – Aham Brahmasmi: the universe as you. Universe as your family, your friends, and everyone: past present and future. Jyotish Initiation thru Lord Rama’s chart. Sita’s chart in Rama’s Chart, The Ramayana as seen in Rama’s chart.
Lesson #2- An Introduction and Overview of Vedic Astrology-Part 2 Your Cosmic Body & Cosmic Psyche & Cosmic Multilevel Game, Navagraha Puja (Worhip of the Planets, the Archetypal Gods)
Lesson #3- The 9 Grahas (the 7 visible Planets and 2 nodes) plus the 3 Kali Yuga [modern transpersonal] Planets, Karakas, Aspects, Doshas
Lesson #4- The 12 Rashis (Signs: Persian Solar Constellations) Parashara’s significations. The Platonic year, movement of the signs, the yugas, beginning of Kali Yuga with Krishna and Mahabharat
Lesson #5- The 12 Bhavas (Houses): Parashara’s significations
Lesson #6- The 27 Nakshatras (Vedic Lunar Constellations noted in the oldest written text in the world: the Rig Veda: four Padas [feet]
Lesson #7- Gochar (Vedic Transits) and Dasha Periods and Sub dashas, the signification of illness: past, present and to come. Cosmic Vedic and Ayurvedic remedies. [continued Lesson # 8]
Lesson #8- Remedial Measures in Vedic Astrology, Pulse Diagnosis
Lesson #9- Introduction to Classic Yogas [planetary alignments]
Lesson #10- Natal Astrology, Predictions, Putting It All Together
Lesson #11- Prasna: posing questions. Picking dates for events, institutions, businesses, projects
Lesson #12 - 20 Understanding Your Own Natal Chart

After Lesson #20 Advanced Study: charts of sages, yogis, saints, and others, learning to perform the Fire Ceremony Worship [Homa, Yagya] of the Planetary Archetypes: Becoming one with Gods, Jyotish Diksha: mantra for the intuitive science of astrology.

Classes begin 8:15 PM MONDAY JUNE 20TH at #10 Willow, Suite #1, Mill Valley, CA Classes last 1.5 hours. Fee $15 per class.