Recently I wondered about the Sanskrit names for the traditional Seven States of consciousness ... Chakravarthi sent them to me. From both a Vedic and Tibetan tantric view, they seem to match Teresa d'Avila's interior castle higher stages as well..I don't know about Qabala. They do also match the model of personality development presented in the 12 steps, Erik Erickson, Ken Wilber, Suzanne Segal, Bernadette Roberts, and Robert Cloninger. There are the 7 Chethanas [states of consciousness]:

1) Jagruth [deep sleep], 2) Swapna [dreams], 3) Sushupthi [ordinary waking state],

4) Thureeya [transcendental consciousness...mindfulness with no thoughts, pure awareness]

5) Thureeyaatheetha [mindulness of states 1 thru 4 for 24H continuously]

6) Daivee [experience of the subtlest levels of relative existence or sambhogakaya, devas, God, Creator 24H continuously]

7) Brahmee [transcendence into the pure light or dharmakaya, pure awareness on all 5 senses 24H continuously...relative realities are a thin film over the all pervasive background screen of Being/ Unified Field].

Paranormal experiences can occur in any state but they become progessively more commonplace in states 5 thru 7. All the yogic siddhis, as described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, are said to be a natural accompaniment of the seventh states like a flowering tree bowed and laden with rich fruit.

Mainstream culture appears to be only able to handle such material in a tongue in cheek humorous way. Academia has been reluctant to seriously discuss the issues for fear of ridicule by colleagues. Inspite of 17th century materialistic attitudes, the foundations of all civilizations rest upon the wisdom gained by those who have succeeded in developing themselves fully.